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10 Tips to Write a Blog post that Converts Readers into Audience

In this post you’ll be able to learn about 10 Tips to Write a Blog Post Perfectly.

Is it hard to write a perfect blog post that converts your visitors into your audience?

YES and NO.

What do I mean by that?

let me break down.

Have you ever noticed that all of my blog posts are well written in a specific manner?

Well, it’s not by coincidence. I follow some basic to advanced rules for writing an irresistible article that actually works well.

It’s because I also Follow these 10 Tips to write a Blog Post.

No matter how boring niche or industry you are in, by adopting these 11 rules of writing, you’ll be able to write an amazing blog post on a regular basis.

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Okay, Back to the topic.

But before heading to the complete guide of ‘creating a super engaging article’, you should have a clear idea about what makes a blog post good and bad.

Just swap places with your readers- you’ll get your answer.

If you somehow managed to provide each and every information or answer that they were looking for- your job is done.

A quality piece of article always serves the reader, not the writer. Always get out of your own head and into your reader’s.

Now before starting, I have a bonus tip for you which will help you in becoming a master in writing.

Think Before You Start Writing

This is the Bonus part of this Post where You’ll learn to think as a professional Content Writer.

Please note down these tips to write a Blog Post.

Ask yourself at least five questions before start writing:

  • Who are my targeted audiences?
  • Do you have a clear idea about what to say through your blog post?
  • what experience are you going to provide for the website visitors?
  • What are the questions might they have in mind?
  • Will my words provide value to my readers?

This type of approach will surely impact on your article and simultaneously the output will provide a good user experience.

What people do mistake is that they try to impress Google search engine instead of the user.

Content created for the sake of search ranking is just a waste of time and effort but the content that solves customer’s problem is what matters now.

But, Sir how do I know what people actually need?

This is the most obvious and commonly asked question by newbie bloggers.

You need to have real empathy for your reader’s experience. You just cannot fake everything you write.

By adopting the following tips you’ll learn how to build a long-term relationship with your readers.

First, you need to find the pattern of the reader’s habitat. Try to understand their needs and problems.

Interact with the audience interested in your industry, it could be done by taking participation in online forums or social groups such as facebook, twitter, Quora, etc.

Help people by answering their question and ask them for feedback. It will give you a clear idea about- what do they like? and why they are looking for?

By doing this you’ll not only understand their habitat but also gain more trust and credibility.

Now it seems like you are ready to be promoted to the next level. 

Let’s figure out the 10 Tips to write a Blog Post From Start to Finish.

1. Title Tag- Starting tips to write a Blog Post

Did you know?

It is highly possible that You Are Going To Judged By Your Appearance in Your First Meeting.

Similarly, when people search for any keyword on the search engine, they judge your content by looking at the Title tag of your blog post.

Let’s consider You’ve written the BEST Blog Post of the Decade.

But what will happen if Title tag of your content sucks?

It’s as simple as that. People are not going to click on your website.

It’s very important to optimize your title because 8 out of 10 people will only ready your heading and only the remaining 2 people will click on your page and read them.

Optimizing your Headline will not only help your article to get noticed by more visitors but also boost your page ranking due to the SEO factor known as CTR.

[ CTR(Click-through-rate) is defined as the ratio of visitors who click to your specific page Url to the number of visitors who view your page. ]

So, More fancy and engaging headline means more click to your website which implies a higher ranking in search engine.

Hey HelpMeBlogging, Can you please tell me how to write a perfect title for my Blog post?

Yes sure. Let’s get started.

Rule 1

Your Headline should identify the problem of your audience. Don’t write a too long or too short title, make it under 10 words but the ideal choice is 5-7 words.

And one more thing is that your title should identify your audience’s problem.

After reading your Blog-Title your audience should feel like they are going to be benefited or their problem is going to be solved through your content.

Here is an example:

How to Lose Weight? – Ugly

7 ways to lose weight without dieting – Sexy

Rule 2

The next tip that I have for you is Use numbers in your blog title.

Research shows that using a number in the title tag tends to have more clicks than the blog post has no number in the headline.

Another hack to get a better result is to use an odd number instead of even number because odd numbers attract more.

Rule 3

Uses of the ‘Date/Year’ in your title tag shows a sign of latest and fresh content. Many topics are out there which becomes valueless after a certain period of time.

You need to be updated with your content and using ‘Date’ in the title tag will definitely increase its value.

Suppose you’re looking for content on a search engine about “SEO techniques”.

It is very much obvious that you’re going to click on a post that says ” Top 7 SEO techniques to follow in 2019″ rather than a post saying ” Top 7 SEO techniques to follow”.

Because SEO is a type of topic that always gets changed with respect to the time.

So, people would love to read an article about the Latest SEO techniques and this can be achieved by using year or date in your title.

Rule 4

Using Adjectives such as Great, Most, attractive, powerful, etc in your heading is also a great way to generate a psychological connection with your readers-Neil Patel

2. Hook at the beginning

title of blog post
Hook your Readers at the Beginning of Your Blog Post

This is the second thing after Heading, a viewer notices about your content writing. 

The most basic thing is that you really need to hook your audience at the beginning of your blog post.

It’s the beginning that forced the readers to think whether they’re going to read the rest of the article or not.

I am obvious that you too get hooked by reading the first line of this Blog post.

So what’s the best way to start your content with a bang?

We people are selfish. We always look out for our benefits first and that’s not totally wrong.

Always try to start the conversation by showing what are the benefits they are going to get through my content.

By asking a question about the problem that your users are facing is the best way to hook your readers.

For example:

“Isn’t it so awesome to make money online without spending a penny?

Here I shared 7 Proven ways of making money online but the best part is you don’t need to spend a single penny.”

Wow, I want to know the 7 secrets that’ll give me more money- That’s the first reaction that comes in their mind.

Everybody wants to earn extra money from Online. By looking at the above example it is quite clear that users are going to learn how to make money without any investment.

And guess what? Everyone is dying to make money and they’re more likely to read the 7 tricks that’ll help them.

This shows a sign of benefit that generates interest to check out the article.

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3. Subheadings

How to write a blog post
Include Proper Heading & Subheadings

Subheadings allow users to consume information easily, which means more user-friendly content.

By using different headings, it is easier to categorize your blog post in a specific manner and also helpful in increasing the readability of your content.

But remember don’t over do it as it is not directly linked with the SEO but it will definitely enhance user experience.

4. Conversational Tone- My Fav tips to write a Blog Post

Use a Conversational Tone

Now, this is my all time favorite hacks that I am going to share with you as this tactic helps me to write an article that engages with my audience.

This simple trick is that when you’re writing any blog post, always try to write it for one person.

The best way to create a conversation with your readers you need to use ‘you’ and ‘I’ in your writing instead of ‘they’ and ‘we’.

Well, you may have noticed that all of my blog posts are written in a conversation Tone, which helps me to interact with you(My audience) through my Blogs.

That way you’ll be able to make a connection with your readers and they’re more likely to engage.

It’s not the end.

Using Conversation Tone may not directly be linked with SEO but it actually helps in indirectly.

After implementing all of these techniques, it’s quite obvious that your website visitors are going to engage with your content and they’re more likely to spend more time on your page.

And you know what?

The more the visitor spend time on your page, the more value you’ll get from the Search engine perspective because this shows a sign of good user experience.

5. Readability

Most of the Blogger doesn’t focus much on the readability of their Blog content but trust me this tip will not only help you to provide a better user experience but also a positive sign to Search Engine.

Also this is one of my favorite Tips to Write a Perfect Blog Post.

I used to hate those long lecture notes from school and university. They’re hard to read and difficult to understand.

Difficult to read doesn’t mean all of your visitors are from village idiots, it simply recognizes that in online people tends to scan more so short sentences are preferred.

Even it is suggested to check your blog post’s readability score. And one of the best tools that I personally use to check readability is Flesch-Kincaid‘.

The reason why I’m loving it because you’ll get in WordPress plugins including Yoast’s search engine optimization plugin.

Even Microsoft Office products include a readability score checker based on Flesch-Kincaid.

So Follow these simple rules to increase your readability score:

  • Use shorter paragraphs with not more than 6 lines or three sentences.
  • Bulleted or numbered lists are preferred.
  • Subheadings riched article.
  • Add more visual contents such as images, videos, podcast, infographic and so on.

And last but not least is give your blog post more white spaces. Because white space in an online article acts as oxygen.

This helps to the breathing of your content.

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6. Find a writing buddy

You can do it all by yourself, but it’s a little lonely and it is more likely that you’re going to lack of productivity.

Having any friend by your side can feel like having someone to practice and work with. Together you’ll have brainstorm ideas.

To enhance the quality of your Content you need feedback, pre-review which can be achieved by having someone who shares the same interest with you.

A friend or colleague can do that job for you.

It is not only about having a friend it is about having a connection to share resources and ideas.

You can join LinkedIn you can join facebook group relevant to your industry.

Another one is the forum of Copybloggers.com which consists of various specific and general subgroups.

If you’re in the content writing niche, you should join the ‘LinkEds and Writers‘ (Linkedin.com). Remember it is a private group you need to get approved before joining.

Similarly, for Digital marketers, join India’s biggest digital marketing group in facebook called “Learn Digital Marketing” founded by well known digital marketer Deepak Kanakaraju.

7. Call to action

Blog Post Writing Tips
Blog Post Writing Tips

End your post with a question. That way you’ll create a direct engagement with the user. The more engagement means more chances of sales.

One more advantage of adding a question at the end is that people are more likely to leave a comment which creates tons of engagement that is also beneficial from the SEO point of view.

8. Writing/editing tools

It is very possible to make mistakes in grammar, punctuation, etc. Having a personal editor or proofreader is always a good choice.

Until you find a good editor, use Grammarly.com.

You’ll get this as a chrome plug. The quality of Grammarly is top notch and using this will almost give you a feeling like having a gentle copyeditor.

Another tool I would recommend is Hemingwayapp.com which flags flaccid sentences and weak writing in favor of writing that’s sharp.

9. Cite as you write

Ideally, you’ll cite as you write. Nobody knows everything, neither I nor you.

It’s obvious that we’ll seek out the resources in order to provide the best value to your user.

Giving attribution to primary sources is not only good for ethics but also vital for the user. 

By doing that you’ll get more credibility and this also helps to support your information.

Always focus on providing the best value to your user and don’t hesitate to link out other websites.

Cite to those websites only that:

  • is relevant to your information.
  • you used as the primary resource.
  • has good domain & page authority.
  • is not older than one or two years.

10. Summarization- Last Tips to Write a Blog Post

Last but not least, wrapping up your blog post is very important. Name your summarization as ‘Conclusion’.

But why this is required?

It is seen that most of the reader quickly scroll to the bottom of the blog post and then they start reading from the top. You don’t need to get fancy just label it as Conclusion.

Try to summarize what is your content all about. That way you’re not going to miss any of the customer or visitors who tend to check out the conclusion first.


tips to write a blog post
10 Tips To Write a Perfect Blog Post That Converts Your Readers into Audience

Till now you have learned the Most crucial tips to write a Blog post.

Writing a perfect blog post takes a lot of effort and time and similarly, it’s too difficult to write great content for newbie bloggers.

In today’s competition, it’s important to tell your story with a unique perspective and your own style.

Good writing is an example of clear thinking or mirror of good that helps you to get inside the heads of other people so that you can fulfill their need and demands.

By following these 10 tips you’ll definitely grow up as a blogger. As a blogger we show our experience, knowledge, thinking through our writing.

Even from a business point of view writing an attractive and engaging article is the best way to generate engagement and lead also.

I hope you liked the complete guide on “Tips to Write a Perfect Blog Post from start to end”.

Lastly, I have a question for you, Which tips you are going to implement right now? and Why?

Also, Comment on your queries and question if you have any.

I believe Sharing is Caring