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[2019]-Top 7 Most Asked Blogging Questions Answered

There are many Blogging Questions out there but I have Answered the 7 Most Asked Blogging Questions especially for newbie Bloggers.

Are you an experienced Blogger or Planning to start Blogging? It’s obvious that you’re more likely to face obstacles( Especially newbie blogger) in your blogging journey.

When I was starting, I had lots of doubt and queries and you know what, It’s a sign of growing.

How to write a perfect blog post? Blogger or WordPress which one is good for me? How to drive traffic to your website?

I know these are some of the Blogging questions which most of the bloggers at various level (Beginner or intermediate or advanced) ask.

And in this Blog post, We have answered 20 most socially asked blogging questions.

Let me clarify that we have collected these Blogging questions based on the research on Quora, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Without any delay, Let’s get started.

Blogging Questions #1– What should be the Niche of my Blog?

This is the Most Asked Blogging questions I have ever seen.

I know you too asked this question to many at some point in your life. But to be honest, this is the first question that you should ask yourself.

One of the common mistake people do is that they don’t focus on their passion, knowledge, Interest, etc.

Some of the most important factors that you’ll need to consider while selecting a niche.

  • Interest and Knowledge.
  • What’s the future of that particular niche?
  • Revenue potential.

Okay! Let me help you in finding the perfect niche for you.

Interest and Knowledge 

Yes, Interest is the first key to success. And similarly, Knowledge helps to build your Interest into revenue at least in the Blogging industry.

But, the hardest thing is to find your interest?

Isn’t it?

Okay, Let’s find your interest together.

Just answer the following questions with either Yes or No.

Can you write 50+ Blog post for this topic without getting bored?

Can you learn about this topic continuously without expecting money or anything from it? 

Do you love talking about something for hours?

If Yes is your only answer for the above questions, then congratulations.

I hope you may able to visualize your interests now.

Make a list of those Interests.

Future of your Interested topic

Now, this is very crucial in terms of your success as Blogger. You need to think about the longevity of your topic.

Let’s understand deeply.

Suppose you have a topic say ‘Apple iPhone X’. It’s obvious that after a few years a new version of iPhone series will be out. 

So, iPhone x is not a topic that’ll long last.

Instead of that, you can choose ‘Apple iPhone’ which is comparatively more suitable for the long term.

Choose your topic which has a future of at least 5 years from now.

Revenue potential

This is the most important factor in the money making aspects. Your niche or topic will decide the scope of your earning.

What are the ways you can monetize your Blog?

Is there a high demand for your niche?

I won’t suggest you think about the competition in your market.

Remember where there is high competition, there is high demand.

You need to figure out a different and better angle to standout in a crowdy niche.

So, to determine the revenue potential of your niche you need to consider the following things:

Is there a good scope for Affiliate marketing?

Is the demand for your niche increasing?

There is enough demand for your topic.

And you can evaluate those value practically by using Google trends, Google keyword planner which is a free product of Google.

Blogging Questions #2- How to select a perfect domain name for my Blog?

blogging questions
Choosing Perfect Domain Name is the Foundation of Your Blog

Finding the domain name is very confusing yet very essential for branding. Blogging Questions like this should be treated as an error that most of the newbie Bloggers do.

I’m sure quite sure that you have selected some domain names for your Blog.

But the real problem arises in the form of emotions like-

‘Does it make sense?’ 

‘Which one sounds better?’

‘Oh god! somebody already booked it’.

There are many confusions we need to deal with. So follow my effective tips which will help you to find the dream name for your Blog.

a. “.Com” domain

If you’re working on a niche which opens to worldwide then please select a .Com domain extension.

.Com domain extension is the most popular and used domain extension worldwide.

It gives your audience trust and confidence in your Blog.

Other than that you can go for local TLD if you’re only limited to any country or local area.

b. Easy to Spell and Easy to remember

Don’t make it too complicated for your audience.

Make it simple and understandable for your audience which will help you to create a Brand regarding your Blog.

If they don’t remember it, they aren’t going to tell others about it. You lose.

Use domain name generator tools such as,,, etc.

c. Make it short and pronounceable

Don’t go with a very long keyword in your domain name. Trust me it’ll be difficult for your readers to remember and understand.

My suggestion is to keep it under 7-14 characters.

Simultaneously your domain name must be pronounceable in the first attempt.

Using a number in the domain is not a good option.

[Funfact: Did you know what was my first Blog name?, well it was– I know it’s an awful example]

d. Use keyword relevant to your niche

It’s great if your audience is able to figure out what is your blog all about by just looking at your domain name.

This creates an instant connection with your readers.

Let’s take the name of our Blog which is “”, By looking at this name you can easily understand the services this blog provides.

Follow these 4 simple tricks to get your domain name today.

Blogging Questions #3- WordPress or Blogger platform

Now I’m pretty sure that you too found this question quite confusing. Most of the newbie Bloggers decides to start a Blog but after that they choose the wrong platform for starting their Blogging Journey.

Let me remind you that there are many other Platforms out there such as Tumblr, etc. But these two are the most popular and effective due to their own Advantages.

Let’s Start from the basic.



This comes under the most Confusing Blogging Questions.

In case if you don’t Know Let me clear this that and both have different features to provide.

Starting a Blog on is quite simple and will cost nothing. Whereas requires you to buy a Web hosting and Domain name to start your Blog.

When to choose .com and .org?

  • is Absolutely FREE & Will cost you Money in the form of Web Hosting and Domain Name.

The .com version comes with fewer features and you’ll have almost no control over your Blog. From domain name, to customizing your Blog theme everything has a huge limitation.

In this Platform, you’ll get an ugly domain name like which makes your domain name quite unprofessional.

The reason many people still choose the .com version because of it’s free service.

Though Starting Blogging journey on requires you to buy a web hosting and a domain name that you want, it has lots of features that will make your Blog stand out from the crowd.

First of all you’ll be able get your exact match domain name like

One of the prime reason to Blog is to rank on the first page of Google search engine. And you know what, this platform( will makes your work much easier than any other platform.

Most importantly with the .org version you’ll have full control over your Blog. You can customize anything of your Blog with the help of Plugin.


Blogger is a well-known Blogging platform owned by Google itself. Almost every professional Blogger started their Blogging journey in, and that’s not by coincidence.

There are many reasons to start a Blog on Blogger Platform such as

  • Absolutely FREE just like
  • No Technical Knowledge Required.
  • Very Easy to Operate even if you have zero knowledge about coding.
  • It will take only 15 minutes to launch your First Website.

Both wordpress and Blogger have their own set of advantages.

But what should i choose?

Well, if you just starting out and new in Blogging Industry then Blogger is a good option as because it’s free and easy to operate. After learning the basics you can then shift to platform.

Again blogger is the right choice if you

  • Want to start casual Blogging
  • Don’t want to publish post more frequently
  • Making Money through Blogging is not your choice(Blogger is still can be used for making money but can’t be matched the features of a paid platform)
  • Want to try it for as an experiment.
  • Can’t afford money to buy web hosting and domain name. is the best choice for you if you

  • Have Basic knowledge and experience about Blogging.
  • Want to earn money through Blogging via Adsense, Affiliate marketing, online services, etc.
  • have the desire to make your Blog Looks like a professional one.
  • Are seeing Blogging as a Long term business.
  • Want to take your Blog to the next level.

Blogging Question #4- How to write the perfect about me page

Whether you believe it or not, your “About Us” is the most important page of your website. No matter how hard you work on your content, if any user finds your About page inappropriate he/she can leave your website immediately.

This page helps your viewers to get to know about you. By making a super attracting About page you will be able to create a trust with your website visitors.

So, How to do that?

It’s super simple. Make it in a conversational tone like you’re introducing yourself to your friend. Don’t deliver it as someone is telling about yourself to your visitors.

Make it Clear as this page should clearly reflects the following-

  • Who are you?
  • The aim of your Blog.
  • Your Experience.
  • Your previous achievements related to your Blog Niche.
  • What problems are you going to solve through your Blog?
  • Your Mission.

The most Important Part is that Don’t fool your Audience by providing fake details.

Show what you are and what you want to achieve. If Possible include a picture of yourself, this will help to make a personal connection with your Audience.

Blogging Questions # 5- What are the types of the Blog post you should write

Writing Blog Post is not enough. You have to try more ideas to make your Blog Interesting and Unique.

Here I shared 5 Blog Post Types that you should definitely try now.

1. List Post

Well, This is the most trendy and popular Post type in the market. Due to its benefit like easy to consume content, people love list-based blog post.

Still, List-based articles are considered to be the best in terms of getting the most number of social share, backlinks, engagement, etc.

The concept behind this is that create a list of Some most asked Blogging questions about a specific topic then answer all of them through your List based article.

Here I shared a perfect example of List Blog Post: Google’s 200 Ranking Factors which got him more than 35k shares and tons of backlinks.

2. Expert Roundup Post

Expert Roundup is very effective but still the most underrated and avoided by many Bloggers.

All you need to do is Pick a Most asked Question relevant to your niche and then invite the top most Expert of that field and ask them to give Opinion or suggestion.

At first You’ll get many rejection but don’t loose hope as every pro blogger have seen huge failure before they accomplished something great and extra ordinary.

3. How To Post

Learn How to Learn Blogging?

How to Make Money Blogging?

I know you too searched for these types of how to Post on Google. It’s not only about You. Most of the User Love to learn from start to end that’s why They Go for How to post.

The web is full of Lousy How to Post, and good ones are still rare.

This suits best when you have something to offer that needed to be learned by own. You can Solve other’s Problem by creating a How to Post.

So Go for this type of Blog Post when you’re trying to solve any problem. But make sure that you cover everything regarding that topic from top to bottom.

4. Case Study Blog Post

The reason why I have taken Case Study in this series is just that people love to hear about success stories related to their interest.

It’s the path of success of their favorite person which makes case study super demanding.Its gets more credibility because it has already helped someone to get the results.

5. Blog Series

Without a doubt Blog series about a particular topic is the best way to connect with your visitors more frequently.

What do I mean by that?

Well, A blog Series helps to get visitors back to your website again and again. After going through the first Blog post they would more likely to come back to your Blog to learn and know about the next part on that series.

It also helps to deliver the detailed solution and you can more focus on a specific topic.

It automatically hooks with your readers as the Complete guide or knowledge is divided into Blog Series.

Why Blog Series is My favorite?

  • Easy to consume Information.
  • Visitors will spend more time on Your Blog.
  • You don’t need to worry about the length of a single Blog Post.
  • Blog series will hook your readers and as a result, they will come back to your Blog again and again. That’s really good for SEO.

Blogging Questions #6- How to Write a Perfect blog post from Start to Finish?

Writing an engaging and valuable Content on a regular basis is truly quite challenging. And Believe it or not you’ll need to practice writing as hard as possible.

Well, That’s not enough, Right?

Yes, Having a set of rules or discipline of writing is necessary to practice in a specific direction. Here I have shared the most effective ways of writing that will hook your readers from the start of your Blog Post.

Write in a conversational way

When you think of Hooking people with your Blog Post it’s necessary to explain all the stuff just like a friend would do. Use ‘I’ & ‘You’ rather than ‘we’ and ‘They’.

This technique works well as it forces reader to think that this Blog Post is written only for them.

Start with Boom

Did you Know that a user spend average of 5 seconds to make decisio that whether they should stay on that web page or not.

So it’s Very important to hook your readers at the begining of your Blog Post.

Well, you can do that by Several Ways mentioned below:

  • Start by asking a Question.
  • Show Statistical Facts at the beginning.
  • Mention all the benefits that the readers are going to get throughout this Blog Post.

If you really want to master the art of writing, Read this article 10 tips to write a perfect Blog Post

Blogging Questions # 7-Tips to write a great headline

Web is full of content, you’ll get everything that you want. One of the way to stand out from this crowd is attracting your readers by writing a great Headline.

Writing a catchy headline is most important thing you can do to promote your Content.

Here is a list of Tips That I apply for my blog also:

  • Make it Short like within 60 characters and clear. It should well define the topic of your Blog.
  • Use Numbers as research shows that Title having a number in it performs very well.
  • If your Topic is something that needed to be updated then Add Recent Year In your Blog Post Title. It shows updated or the latest version of Blog Post.
  • Use Adjectives such as Amazing, Helpful, Attracting, etc.

After implementing all of these rules you can still check your Headline score via

Other than that you can look for suggestion from, where just type your Topic and then click on Go.

You’ll get a list of Blog post on the basis of their social shares.How to improve my writing skill?

You can Also Use this tool to generate Blogging Questions for your Blog.

Here is a list of Blog that i personally prefer to enhance your Writing Skill:


Based on my Blogging Experience and Knowledge I Published this Blog Post On 7 Most Asked Blogging Questions Ever.

I know these are just some of the drop of Blogging Questions out of the Ocean, but From newbie to even Advanced Blogger faced these Questions at least once in their Journey.

Well, if you want to discover the other Blogging Hacks, visit our Official Website HelpMeBlogging

I hope You Liked this Article of Blogging Questions.

If you still have any Uncleared Question, Feel free to ask in the comment below.

I am excited to hear your Problem and will try to solve as much as possible.