How to Create UNIQUE Content to Boost Your Blog’s Authority

How to Create Unique Content? or, Is there any way to increase your website’s authority without Link-building?

How to create Unique content for the blog post that’ll make your website Stand Out in a crowdy niche?

These are just some of the most important questions every Blogger have.

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Back to the topic.

In this post, I’m going to share some of the most important factors that’ll help you to create better content than others.

In 2019, Repeating the similar old information over and over again won’t work as the competition is greater than ever before.

Most of the time we only focus on SEO, Links, etc.

But do you know that the Freshness and Uniqueness of content is the new king of SEO?

However, backlinks still work great but it’s the quality of content that will differentiate you from the crowd.

You have a blog, maybe you’ve written a ton of quality and informative content, but no one’s reading it- what should you do now?

Should you more focus on Link-Building or something else?

I know it is the quality backlink to your website which plays a key factor of SEO that’ll boost your page authority.

Yes, In today’s competition, it’s super hard to rank your website in the search engine without making link-building.

But WAIT!!

Is this the only thing to work on?

Simply a big NO.

Did you know?

-Over 200 factors are considered to evaluate your website’s position in Google. And Content is the most important factor from a user perspective.

So, What’s my strategy to write a valuable post?

It’s super simple.

The more value you provide through your blog post, the more authority and trust you will gain.

Because Google and your audience both love unique and high-quality content.

By following these strategies you will not only boost your website authority as a brand, but also that’ll even help you to grow link-building.

“Unique Content is The New King”

-Let’s get started.

1. Infographics

In case you are unfamiliar with the term Infographics, let’s learn what actually it is.

Adding Inforgraphics in Blog post is very trendy and effective for how to create Unique content.

[ Infographics = Information + Graphics ]

This is a visual representation of complex information used to simplify super complex data by arranging them into a smooth design format.

Best examples of Infographics Uses:

A little amount of text.

Compelling and most relevant images.

Simple yet attracting pattern.

Let’s move forward.

Start adding Infographics in your blog post as this method will surely attract your visitor’s mind.

But Why?

It’s very eye-catchy.

In most cases, the reader would rather look at an image containing helpful data than read your lengthy post full of text.

Think of yourself as a reader.

You have visited two websites named as Site A and Site B.

Assuming both are sharing similar information.

Now, Site A contains thousands of words of text and Site B uses data-rich amazing Infographics in their blog post.

It’s obvious, Site B which contains data-rich infographics will help you to consume the information with ease.

Most Importantly Adding Lots of Infographic is not enough.

Let’s break down how to use infographics to skyrocket your website’s ranking and social shares?

Steps to increase Uniqueness of content through Infographics

Step 1

Let’s say you are going to write an article focused on “Best Time to Post On Social Media”.

After selecting the topic of your blog post, go to BuzzSumo and type your keyword.

how to use Buzzsumo to create Unique Content

This way you’ll get to know about the most popular post on “Best Time to Post On Social Media” based on their social share.

Step 2

Now choose the most informative & list-based article and analyze the data and then make an infographic using that data.

You can mix your own data and information to make an awesome infographic.

And don’t forget to mention the source from where you got all the data.

You can make infographic by using tools like Canva, Infogram Or you can hire any designer from websites like

Make sure your infographic is super visual. Don’t add too much color, it should look smooth and clean yet data rich.

Infographic increases the uniqueness of your Blog post
An example of Infographic

Step 3

Once you’re done with your design, add an embed code. By doing this people can take infographic and put that on their website.

If someone put your embed code on their article then Fantastic!

Because it links back to your blog post and you just gained a backline.

In case you don’t know how to create embed code, then use a WordPress plugin called WP Embed Code Generator.

That way people can just copy and paste your embed code on their website.

Step 4

This step will help you to increase your traffic so that you can get as many backlinks as possible.

Now please go back to BuzzSumo and find the most socially shared article related to your topic.

Now Click on ‘View Share’ as it will show you every single profile that shared that blog post on social media.

buzzsumo helps to boost Blog authority
Profiles of each person who shared the content that is relevant to yours

One last thing you need to do is email them to notify about your article. That way you’ll get many responses and there is a good chance that they copy & paste your embed code.

I suggest you make a format of your email. Here is an example:

“Hey XYZ, I noticed that you shared this article on facebook called “Future of Digital Marketing ” by author ABC. I have made a better version of that article in a visual manner. I hope you’ll like it – From HelpMeBlogging.”

You can also email to the people who link back to your competitor’s article.

Use to see the backlink sources.

2. Find Solution to create Unique content

Solving the problems of others through your blog post is the best way to gain trust and authority for a website.

Look nobody gives a shit about, who you are? what do you know?

They only care about how much you care for them.

If you find any problem(related to your niche) that people are struggling with it then provide an awesome solution.

Be the first one to solve your audience’s problems and in return, they will remember you.

This trick will help you to convert your visitors into the audience.

I know to find any problem that is yet to discuss, is hard.

I recommend you to use where you’ll find a ton of queries that people are searching for.

Go to the and search for your keyword (say digital marketing), then click on get questions.

ideas generators for creating Unique Content
Get Hundreds of Question

There, You’ll find hundreds of question-related to digital marketing that people are searching for- what? where? How? Are? and continuous…

Other than that you can also get lots of new ideas from Quora which is one of my favorites to generate blog ideas.

3. Using Multimedia gives a Unique and Fresh Touch to your Blog Post

Add Podcast to Your Blog

It’s pretty sure that people love the content in form of Video and audio. I Know Textbased content is also an example of Multimedia but to enhance the quality of your article you may consider video and even audio.

By using these tactics you’ll get lots of benefits from SEO to User experience which will boost your content and help you to stand out from your competitors.

Let me discuss in brief.

It’s OK if you write a 2000 words informative and data-rich article, but what if you use videos relevant to your topic in your Blog post?

It’s obvious that readers will spend more time on your post which means increased viewership.

By doing this way, your article will become more engaging and dynamic.

One extra benefit you’ll get from the SEO perspective is that it will definitely decrease your Bounce rate.

And Bounce rate is definitely one of the most important factors to determine the user’s experience.

[Bounce rate simply describes the percentage of the users who lands to your website and then quickly leavese]

My Tip: Just like Infographic (described in the first point) you need to add the Embed code to your article.

You can use

Now what you actually have to do is customize the size of your embedded videos.

Let say you are embedding a video from youtube so the first few lines of embed code may look like this ” First You need to find the actual width of your website’s content column and then set the width of your video accordingly.

One last and most important thing I have for you is the PODCAST.


Over the last few years, the popularity of the Podcast is just crazy. Without having a doubt it will be the next big thing in content marketing.

Now I will tell you what you really need to do.

First, create an audio version of your blog post in which you are going to use it.

Again it’s your choice what type of podcast you will upload, but make sure it is relevant to your blog post.

[It’s better if you use any podcast microphone to avoid low-quality audio] After creating your track it’s time to upload.

You can use free or paid to host for your Podcast such as Buzzsprout, Soundcloud, etc.

In case if you think that you don’t have enough confidence to show the world your voice then I have an idea for you.

Amazon Polly( WP Plugin) is the best place for you where your text-based article will be automatically converted into audio.

If you really want to be unique and stand out from your competitors then this is the perfect time to start a podcast show.

I am also planning to add a podcast series in my blog post.

Soon I will enclose a comprehensive guide on How to create Unique Content through Podcast?

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4. Expert Roundup

If you still have one question about How to Create Unique Content that’ll boost your Blog’s Authority then go for Expert Roundu.

Though Expert Roundup is not a new term in the blogging industry, it is still unknown to many.

In simple words, Roundup is a type of interviews of famous and successful influencer. Let me break down a little.

In this process, all of the participants will answer or give their opinion on a specific topic asked by you.

All you need to do is make a blog post containing all the answers given by the Experts and organize them in a most presentable way in your blog post.

Here I have shared examples of Expert Roundup.

Now the most important part is from where to begin?

You don’t need to worry as I have explained how to organize a Roundup on your website in a step by step guide.

Step 1

Finding the right questions for your audience is the first and foremost thing you need to do.

Your ultimate goal should be to increase your Social shares, Blog authority, and link building.

Tips I have for you to focus on the question that solves a great problem and people are dying to read. Go to Ahrefs or Buzzsumo where you can generate a ton of ideas for your Roundup topic.

Another most favorite way to generating Roundup Questions ideas is

The Interface of

Your question should be very specific and relevant to your expert’s interest.

An example for Expert Roundup Question is “How to create Unique Content?”

Step 2

Now the second step is to contact your participants and invite them to give a thought on a particular topic.

Find at least Top 50 influencers in your niche and collect their contact details. Go to google and search for Top[your niche]Blogs, where you’ll get lots of successful experts to follow.

Now it’s the most crucial part is to writing an engaging and promising email to all of them.

It’s pretty obvious that most of them won’t respond to your email but some of them will surely do. The way you write your email to the experts will definitely affect the response rate of your messages.

Below, I have given an example of how to write a perfect message that converts:

“Hi XYZ, I am planning to do an Expert Roundup blog post about [your topic]. Your opinion or suggestion will definitely be beneficial for our readers.If you participate in my Roundup, it would definitely make my day. Thanks in advance! Your Name.”

Remember your message should be very specific and to the point.

And don’t forget to respond to your experts after they reply to your message and inform them when you’re going to publish the post.

After getting information and answer from your experts, it’s time to put them together.

To make it more smooth and dynamic you need to add:

  • Expert’s name
  • Short Bio
  • Website address
  • Date of contact

Once your blog post is live, send a thank you message and share a link of your post where they can view your content.

It’s most likely they will share your content on social media. After tremendous hard work, what will you get in return? Well, creating an Expert roundup in your blog post have many benefits.

You’ll end up creating a connection with top-level experts in your niche.

  • Lots of social shares.

It’s a trustable method (especially for newbie bloggers) to generate more backlinks.

Now I am sure of one thing that you get the answer of your question “How to Create Unique Content?”Learn More About


Future of blogging is obviously very bright and shiny but you need to bring something that others are not doing.

Thus the uniqueness of content is going to be an decisive factor in terms of SEO.

Therefore this Blog post will definitely guide you in How to Create Unique content that’ll help you in increasing your Blog’s Authority.

especially in a competitive niche, you have to be super Unique to stay in the business.

At the same time update yourself with time to time.

So making unique and high-quality content on a regular basis will definitely help you to beat your competitors who are not working hard like you.

In the Blogging industry, no rule or method is constant as it changes every day. From Google’s algorithm to people’s need everything is changing and evolving.

Follow these three tips that I shared with you and track your result in terms of a blog’s authority and website ranking.

“Learning is good but implementing what you have learned is the best way to grow.”

One last advise I have for you is that always experiment with new things. It will help you to know which will work for you.

  • So what’s your take away from this post?
  • Which method are you going to apply?